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Where do I start?

My name's June, but my friends call me Joonie.

I’m your friend in the life business.

I guess this could be the part where I tell you my life story, there’s so much to tell.
I feel as if I have lived many lives in my few rotations around the sun; they all seem so different, they all seem so real.

Firstly, I’m a writer, I’ve been writing and writing and writing, ever since I had a memory. I use, abuse and misuse grammar, mostly to be annoying to prove an argument against it and partly because I didn’t have a 5th grade teacher for most of the year (it’s a funny story). I love the way a certain ballpoint makes loopy L’s across soft paper. My favorite story to tell is once my Mimi took me to the store, said: Get Whatever You Want! I got a notebook and some pens, say: That’s What You Want? The notebook was covered in whales.

Secondly, I’m not sure what to tell you. Some of it might scare you away or intrigue you.

I lived in Louisville, Kentucky for 22 years then Louisiana for 3 years. Heading to Atlanta for a while in May…antsy and excited for what is in store for me there.

Third, I’m a forever athlete. I grew up playing sports and eating as my job. I swam competitively for 13 years and for 1.5 years in college before I injured myself on a bicycle (another funny story for another time). My path to a healthy relationship with food and exercise continues to be an integral part of my life. I’ve lost 113 pounds since 2011. I’m sure if you stick around you’ll find out more about that & my love of food, especially the cooking part.

Thanks for reading, I think I’ll let you infer from here, and if you are willing, check out my blogs for all sorts of fun. Follow my social media to get updates and information about what I’ll be doing next!

Looking forward